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Tapk sveikas, kineziterapijos, skausmo medicinos ir kūno estetikos klinika

Trinapolio g. 3-1010, 08337 Vilnius
(+370) 61533345
Atsidarys 9.00
8 years of activity

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(+370) 61533345
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LT74 4010 0012 2839 6495
Luminor Bank AS Lietuvos skyrius
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5 employees (insured)
Average wage
617.71 € (2021 March) more

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Dėkoju kineziterapiautei Vilmai už profesionalią pagalbą. Teigiami pokyčiai pasijuto po pirmo apsilankymo. Išsamus paaiškinimas apie atliekamas procedūras leidžia jaustis ramiai ir saugiai, nors į kliniką kreiptąsi su nugaros skausmu.
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Virginija N
Aš manau pas kiekvieną žmogų brangiausia yra sveikata.Pati su tuo susiduriau. Ir matomai taip turejo būti,kad rasčiau šiuos specialistus kurie labai dėmesingi,rūpestingi,sąžiningi ir tikrai labai daug savo žiniomis ir darbu padeda.Todėl rekonenduočiau.O aš pati tariu dideli ačiū,kad Jūs esate.Ir asmeniškai noriu padėkoti Vilmutei.
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Nugaros skausmai
Turėjau labai didelius nugaros skausmus, negalėjau pats nei atsistoti, nei atsisėsti. Jau po pirmos procedūros pasijutau žymiai geriau, po antros skausmas dar labiau sumažėjo, pradėjau normaliai miegoti, ilsėtis. Labai rekomenduoju

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Description of activities

Acute and chronic pain relief
Rehabilitation after injuries
Elimination of urinary incontinence after childbirth and so on
Individual kinesiotherapy
Wellness exercises
Reducing body fat accumulation
Effective physiotherapy
Sale and maintenance for K-Laser
Our goal is to help you change yourself. Stop sitting from morning to evening at work, at home, in the car, force yourself to go out for a walk or exercise before work or after it. Such a lifestyle goes on until the pain or other illness makes you seek help online. Medical device manufacturers have been monitoring the scale of the problem and developed solutions. They have created technologies that make it easier and faster for a person to remove pain, rebuild sagging muscles or remove unnecessary fat. We have selected the most effective kinesiotherapy equipment in the world for pain relief, muscle recovery, rehabilitation after injuries and body aesthetics. We have taken over the experience from equipment manufacturers, their representatives and partners and combined it. Tapk Sveikas Clinic will quickly relieve acute or chronic pain and you will be able to return to a quality life. We believe that this positive experience will encourage you to continue to improve and experience or regain the feeling that you are healthy, that you can move comfortably, play with children or grandchildren. To achieve the goal, you only need desire and will. Everything else is our concern.



Edita Bareikė
Vytautas Jakimavičius
Vilma Karosienė
Jurgita Černiauskaitė
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