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Roberta make-up studio, R. Areliūnienės IVV

Maironio g. 1, 82129 Radviliškis
(+370) 60292027
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(+370) 60292027
Roberta Areliūnienė

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M Prekyba, UAB
18 km | Metalistų g. 8, Šiauliai
3medical furniture, medical equipment, functional beds, functional bed, nursing beds, nursing bed, bedsore prevention mattress, couch, cosmetologic chair, gynaecological chair, procedure bed, metal furniture, mattress from bed sores, infusion stand, screen, ceiling lift/ceiling hoist, walker, walkers, massage table, wheelcvhair for disabled, bedside console, blood collection chair, bathing trolley, nursing measures, rehabilitation equipment, physiotherapy, crutches, elbow crutch, changing table, medicine cabinet, shower trolley, toilet chair, transfer board, transfer sheet/slide sheet, disabled technique, equipment of dissabled, compensation technique, people with disabilities wheelchairs, equipment for the disabled, accessories for the disabled, hydrotherapy, light therapy, electrotherapy, magnet therapy, laser therapy, ultrasound therapy, medical equipment, transport trolley for patients, protective gloves, lifts for disabled, negatoscopes, Blood pressure monitors, inhalers, non-contact thermometer, thermometer, blood pressure machine, compressor inhaler, scales
19.6 km | Vilniaus g. 130, Šiauliai
body hair removal, facial hair removal, wrinkle reduction, removal of capillaries, rejuvenation, acne/pimple treatment, depilation, laser treatments, Mesotherapy, lymphatic drainage, cryotherapy, permanent make-up/micropigmentation, micropigmentation, permanent makeup
Šypsenos SPA, UAB
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Aviga, UAB
102.3 km | Tilžės g. 20 (Vilijampolė), Kaunas
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Austilis, UAB
102.6 km | Raudondvario pl. 93 (Vilijampolė), Kaunas
Kaunas, Vilnius, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Marijampolė, Alytus, Palanga, Prienai, Telšiai, Mažeikiai, Anykščiai, Druskininkai, dentists, medics, cosmetologists, SPA centres, physical therapists, beauty salons, clinics, beauty, health, surgery, cosmetics, cosmetology, tunicas, pants, robes, pyjamas, sewing, creation, structurisation, fabrics, clothes, clothes, clothing, medicine, aprons, massage, surgery, orthopedics, health resort, robes, tunic, knitwear, cotton, polyester
Ąžuolyno medicinos klinika ir SPA
104.1 km | Sporto g. 3 (Žaliakalnis), Kaunas
SPA, aesthetic medicine, dermatologist in Kaunas, neurologist in Kaunas, physiotherapist/physical therapist in Kaunas, removal of skin derivatives using laser, stretch Marks treatment
Gopestetika, MB
105.3 km | Vytauto pr. 13 (Centras), Kaunas
aesthetic medicine, seminars
Aromatum Cosmetic, UAB
105 km | K. Būgos g. 21/ Tenorų g. 7-1 (Centras), Kaunas
natural cosmetics, aromatherapy, ecological products, ecological cometics, natural products, ethereal oils/essential oils/volatile oils, facial masks/face masks, body wraps, body peelings, facial massage
Biofirst klinika
103.6 km | Studentų g. 37 (Gričiupis), Kaunas
„Biofirst“ clinic in Kaunas releases with a holistic approach to medicine and apply natural methods of treatment. This is the future‘s medicine, which has the advantages you can try even .... TODAY. Bioclinic is armed with the most modern and reliable computer diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, which challenge to traditional medicine. Clinic‘s experts - doctors and homeopaths have many years of experience. With the unique EAV diagnostic device „Dermatron CLS“ the state of the organism is examined and food intolerance tests are carried out by experienced doctors, homeopaths:
R. Greičius, J. Kolaitienė and V. Zurbienė. Echoscopy examinations are made by „Siemens Acus X-300 3D“ machine with the consultation of Doctor of Medicical Science - radiologist Gražina Labanauskaitė - Šliumbienė.
Particular attention is paid to the spine and joint diseases. Physical therapy diagnostic is made very accurately down the muscle groups in the state of testing complex devices „Dr.Wolff back-check“. It determines the asymmetry of muscle groups, coordination disorders, the heart -circulatory system, identification of body fat tissues, individual training programs and guidelines. "Biofirst“ clinic medics uses the most advanced physical therapy training system „Redcord“. Possibility to take individual or group trainings. It is suitable for both children and adults. This system effectively treats chronic neck, waist and joint pain. Suitable for rehabilitation after brain stroke/attack. Quickly visible results, restores a reduction of motion, restores muscle strength, developes coordination.

The clinic uses the latest methods of physiotherapy, laser therapy, acupuncture, biopuncture, moxa cautery, various therapeutic healing massages. It has the first in Lithuania photon /laser flow therapy machine „Hyper photon 3 D“. Extensive synchronous therapy with biophotons and the laser beams is a perfect combination of stimulating the immune system which allows to avoid tiring manual therapy. This particular laser is aplied to a large area of skin, reaching even the deepest organs of our bodies.

„Biofirst“ clinic also has day-stacionarary detoxification department. Professional, responsible and proper medics-toxicologists perform sober up, designate treatment of alcoholism, hangover and abstinence. Appointing consultations of addiction specialists, psychologists and psychiatrists.

Art de Vivre Naturalmente, MB "Deltateta"
104.1 km | Pramonės pr. 4A, Kaunas
eyebrows deyening, eyebrow correction, day make-up, hair rebreeding, Chinese face masage, back massage, massage in Kaunas, full body massage, body scrub, body wrap-up, head massage, model haircut types, hairstyle, hair straightening, trainings, hairdressing salon, beauty salon, eco-friendly measures, hair surveillance measures, hair care, decorative cosmetics
106.6 km | Energetikų g. 8, Kaunas
urology, catheters, surgery, laser, radiology, surgical tools, cosmetics, cosmetology, cosmetic equipment, professional cosmetics, paraffin, disposable gloves, syringes, catheters, probes, medical equipment, medical technicque, slab, functional bed, massage table, couch, drip stand, procedure table, blood collection chair, autoclave, water distiller, blood pressure measuring machines, sterilization, HELIX, chemical indicator, biological indicator, adhesive tape, valve bag, tape, biocide, CE, Cleaning, wash, disinfection, cleaning of surfaces, bandage, dressing, robes, covers, film, adhesive, cotton-wool, gypsum, plaster, wound, planking, volleyball, surgery pump
Tropikų saulė, sveikatos ir grožio studija, UAB "Saulė ir mada"
49.8 km | Klaipėdos g. 103, Panevėžys
massage SANTANA, stone massage, anti-cellulite massage in Panevežys, Anti-cellulite massage, AQUA DETOX, aromatherapy, bikini waxing, cellulitis, cellulite prevention, oxygen capsule, depilation, depilation is performed, depilation with hot wax, depilation in Panevežys, depilation with wax, waxing services, depilation making, gift certificates, gift cards, beauty procedures, lying solarium, cosmetics for bronzing, wrap-up, long-term depilation, infrared sauna, capsule, hot stone massage, leg waxing, body massage, body peeling, lymphatic drainage, massages in Panevežys, massage, stone massage, massage services, massager, honey massage, ozone capsule, ozone-oxygen capsule, PANTHERMAL service, massages done using hands, sauna, solariums in Panevežys, SPA centre, standing solarium, vacuum massage, facial hair removal, facial massage, face cleaning, full body depilation, WEYERGANS vacuum massage, Brasil depilation, body wraps, backache/back pain, relaxing massage, creams, infrasauna, Egypt land, spinal pain, season tickets for solarium, lymphatic drainage, electrostimulation, corrective facial surgery/facial correction, serum, facial structure, depilation using sugar, sugar paste, hair removal, oily skin, sensitive skin, wrinkle reduction, pigment spots, acid cleansing, mature skin, dry Skin, dehydrated skin, flaking skin, spotty face, eyebrow correction, eyebrows deyening, body wrap-up, paraffin procedure, photoepilation
93.7 km | Kosmonautų g. 50, Jonava
food Additives, natural cosmetics, cosmetics, magnesium, superfood, natural products, SPIRULINA, cannabis seeds
Tropikų saulė, sveikatos ir grožio studija, UAB "Saulė ir mada"
51.9 km | Klaipėdos g. 28B, Panevėžys
anti-cellulite massage in Panevežys, Anti-cellulite massage, eyebrow correction, eyebrows deyening, relaxing massage, eyelash dyeing, BIOPTRON, mature skin, cellulitis, cellulite prevention, sugar paste, depilation is performed, depilation with hot wax, depilation in Panevežys, depilation in Panevežys, waxing services, dermabrasion, gift certificates, gift cards, in Panevėžys, Egypt land, electrostimulation, beauty procedures, beauty salon, lying solarium, horizontal, vertical, cosmetics for bronzing, long-term depilation, wrap-up, leg waxing, cream, body wraps, body massage, body peeling, massages in Panevežys, massage, massage services, honey massage, myoplasty, back myoplasty, backache/back pain, scrub, solariums in Panevežys, solarium, season tickets for solarium, SPA centre, standing solarium, spinal pain, scrub, Thai elements, vacuum massage, facial massage, full body depilation, WEYERGANS vacuum massage, corrective facial surgery/facial correction, serum, facial structure, depilation using sugar, hair removal, oily skin, sensitive skin, wrinkle reduction, pigment spots, acid cleansing, dry Skin, dehydrated skin, flaking skin, spotty face, face cleaning, scar removal, body wrap-up, cellulite prevention in Panevežys, collar massage, depilation for men
Tropikų saulė, sveikatos ir grožio studija, UAB "Saulė ir mada"
52.4 km | Smėlynės g. 112, Panevėžys
anti-cellulite massage in Panevežys, cellulite prevention in Panevežys, depilation in Panevežys, massage
Gikeda, odontologijos klinika, Tauragės filialas, UAB
100.1 km | M. Mažvydo g. 16, Tauragė
dentistry, oral hygiene, teeth whitening, endodontics, dentures, periodontal treatment, dental implants, surgical treatment, children's dentistry, dentistry, dental radiography, dental services hire, dentists, dentists in Vilnius, scars, correction of scars, hyaluronic acid, Botulinum, botulinum toxin injection, botulinum toxin, Botox, increase of the lips, wrinkles, wrinkle removal, wrinkle reduction, wrinkle reduction