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Osteopatijos centras, UAB

Birželio 23-iosios g. 15 (Naujamiestis), 03206 Vilnius
(+370) 61670330
Atsidarys 9.00
9 years of activity

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(+370) 61670330
Ježi Rungo
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Ježi Rungo
Nikolaj Lobanov
Simonas Stankūnas

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For more than 10 years, the Osteopathy Center, maintaining the traditions of classical osteopathy, has been helping those who come here, regardless of age. The specialists of the Center are constantly improving their knowledge in European countries and America. The guiding principle is an individual approach and a comprehensive examination of the patient to solve a specific health problem. An understanding of the principles of osteopathy and an excellent knowledge of anatomy and physiology are essential elements that our specialists follow. The specificities of the work of our Center is osteopathy of newborns and infants, because from this period on a person protects own health and life throughout his or her life. Working with children is especially important from the point of view of osteopathy.

The ability to feel the slightest deviations from the position of the bones, the structure of soft tissues and clear understanding of the mechanics of the human body allow our specialists to apply any methods necessary to curepatients in a particular case. Our improvement will always be intended to help each patient and to live up to their hope of restoring health.

The motto of our Center: osteopathy is the art of maintaining health.


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