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Karidenta, UAB

Baltijos g. 55-1 (Šilainiai), 47137 Kaunas
(+370) 68486131
16 metų veikloje

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(+370) 68486131
(+370) 37230574
(00370) 37230574
Vytenis Liaugaudas
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Karidenta is an odontology clinic that offers to its patients high service quality and the things that are today the mostly updated and the best in odontology. We use contemporary, advanced stomatology equipment as well as the newest treatment, filling, teeth prostheses, and disinfection, sterilization materials are being used. Our goal is to create your ideal smile together with you.
Cozy environment, professional and kind personnel is ready to serve you. Doctors who are employed in the clinic permanently improve their professional skills in universities of Lithuania or abroad ones and in congresses, classes, seminars organized by odontology experts.
We consult, treat, implant, make prostheses, perform professional mouth hygiene and whiten the teeth.
A flexible prices and discounts system is being applied to the offered services. Taking into consideration that not all of our patients can pay for the services at once, we enabled hire-purchase services. Nice and healthy teeth are an important advantage to your personal life and success at work.
Karidenta is a beginning of the way to your perfect teeth.

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