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A. Autukienės PĮ

S. Nėries g. 109-1 (Fabijoniškės), 12141 Vilnius
(+370) 52722760
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26 metai veikloje

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(+370) 52722760
A. Autukienė
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Aukšto lygio odontologijos paslaugos. Labai jauki klinika. Pirminis apsilankymas paskiriamas trumpiau nei per savaitę.
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R. Gegužienės odontologijos klinika, UAB

Varpo g. 9A, 76346 Šiauliai
 (+370) 61131455

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0.9 km | Gabijos g. 32 (Pašilaičiai), Vilnius
dentists, odontologist, dentist, dentists, dentist, dentists, dentists, filling, dental filling, aesthetic filling, aesthetic filling, prosthetics, prosthetic dentistry, dental implants, dental implantation, dental implantation, teeth whitening, surgical dentistry, endodontic therapy, tooth extraction, dental plates, plaque removal, dental plaque removal, ontological services, services of dentists, aesthetic dentistry, dentist's consultation, endodontics, dental crowns
Šeimos medicinos centras ir odontologinis kabinetas, UAB "Medicinos paslaugų centras"
0.3 km | S. Nėries g. 81 (Fabijoniškės), Vilnius
family medical centre, family doctors, echoscopy, gynaecologist, endocrinologist, endocrinologists, optician, opticians, urologist, urologists, neurologists, neurologist, cardiologists, cardiologist, psychiatrists, dentists, rehabilitation
SMILE ART, odontologijos studija
0.6 km | Perkūnkiemio g. 15 (Pašilaičiai), Vilnius
dentists, services of dentists, dental implantation, implants, dentistry, pediatric dentists, dental clinic, dental clinic in Vilnius, support of dentist, consultation, dentists, filling, filling, orthodontists, endodontic threatment, oral hygiene, prosthetic dentistry, dentists in Vilnius, professional oral hygiene, dental radiograph, children's odontology, pediatric dentists, surgical services, implantation, dental implants, dental implantation, prosthetic dentistry, dental prosthetics in Vilnius, teeth whitening
Šeimos medicinos centras ir odontologinis kabinetas, UAB "Medicinos paslaugų centras"
0.7 km | Perkūnkiemio g. 17, Vilnius
family medical centre, family doctors, echoscopy, gynaecologist, endocrinologist, endocrinologists, optician, opticians, urologist, urologists, neurologists, neurologist, cardiologists, cardiologist, psychiatrists, dentists, rehabilitation
Medicus dentum, estetinės odontologijos klinika, UAB
1.3 km | Justiniškių g. 146-1 (Pašilaičiai), Vilnius
Prosthodontists, dentists, dentists, dentists, aesthetic dentistry, dentistry, dental services for adults and children, registration/pre-registration, aesthetic filling of incisors and molars, restoration: teeth alignment, diastema (tooth space) closure, improper tooth shape correction, restoration of worn teeth, tooth colour change, tooth root treatment, filling (endodontics), professional oral hygiene: dental plaque and tartar removal, AIR FLOW, prophylaxis, teeth whitening, tooth extraction, extraction, emergency aid, treatment, ontological services, equipment, materials, implantation, dental implantation, periodontological services, treatment of periodontal diseases/periodontitis, prosthetic dentistry, laminates, curettage, deep curettage, flap surgery, tooth bleaching with caps (preparation for at-home bleaching), in-office tooth bleaching, dental, tooth root, endodontic threatment, gum retraction treatment, teeth retraction, aesthetic restoration, frenectomy, oral hygiene, dental prophylaxis, Ieva Laktionkinienė, orthodontic treatment, braces, aesthetic braces, plate, orthodontist, malocclusion/bad bite, dentists in Vilnius, treatment of children, children dentist, treatment of deciduous teeth, orthodontists, orthodontics
Euklinika, estetinės odontologijos klinika, UAB
1.4 km | Sviliškių g. 2/ Justiniškių g. (Pašilaičiai), Vilnius
aesthetic filling, aesthetic prosthetics, microprothesis, endodontic therapy, dental implantation, professional oral hygiene, teeth whitening, orthodontics, orthodontists, tooth decoration, dentists, dentistry, implants, braces, dental clinic, dentists in Vilnius, clinics, ceramics, braces, dental prosthetics, dentists, dentist, teeth, teeth whitening, dentistry, dentists, dental implantation, dental implants, dental implantation, dentures, prosthetic dentistry, tooth decoration, endodontic therapy, teeth straightening, aesthetic dentistry clinic, aesthetic filling, aesthetic prosthetics, good stomatologists, implantation, implants, trays, clinics, microprothesis, fractured tooth, dentists in Vilnius, dental office, dental clinic, dental services, orthodontists, orthodontist, orthodontics, hygiene, dentists, dentist, dental
Jonathan, estetinės odontologijos klinika
0.8 km | Perkūnkiemio g. 19A-157 (Pašilaičiai), Vilnius
Aesthetic teeth restoration
Teeth implantation, prosthetics
Endodontic treatment with the use of microscope
Children odontology
Dental x-rays
Panoramic x-rays (panoramic radiograph)
3D (computer tomography)
Clinic of aesthetic odontology offers all dental services for adults and children. Main operational directions of Jonathan aesthetic odontology clinic are related to the complex treatment of periodontitis and aesthetic teeth restoration. Clinic employs highly qualified specialists who are constantly improving their qualification, attend various seminars, and participate in international conferences. Due to the work of many years, a priceless experience was accumulated, and healthy conservatism combined with the newest scientific achievements helps to select only the most effective treatment technologies. The most important thing - high professionalism and aim to truly care for your health. Unique prophylaxis programme is implemented at the clinic "Oral Health". With the use of the most modern equipment the following services are provided as well: dental x-rays, panoramic x-rays (panoramic radiograph), 3D (computer tomography). Convenient location, cosy environment, wide range of quality services, all of that is appreciated by every visitor of the clinic.
1.4 km | Pašilaičių g. 1-96 (Pašilaičiai), Vilnius
prosthetics, aesthetic filling, oral hygiene, filling, implantation, treatment of periodontal diseases/periodontitis, roentgen, odontologist, children's dentistry, oral hygiene, implantation
I. Kelbauskienės šeimos klinika, VšĮ
1.7 km | Virbeliškių g. 3-132, Vilnius
dermatovenereologists, dieticians, physiotherapist, family clinic, clinics, family doctor, echoscopy, gynaecology, certificates, preventive health examination, pediatrician, odontologist, pulmonologist, ORL, cardiologist, massage, urologist-venereologist, family doctors, firearm certificates, driver's health certificates, optician, psychiatrist, gynaecologist, weapons, driving, vaccination
2.4 km | Laisvės pr. 77C (Pašilaičiai), Vilnius
dentists, odontologist, orthodontists, orthodontist, children dentist, pediatric dentists, orthodontic treatment, orthodontics, dentistry, bite correction, malocclusion/bad bite, filling, dentistry, dentist, dentists, dentist, dentists, dentist, dentists, aesthetic filling, tooth decay treatment, teeth whitening, oral hygiene, professional oral hygiene, surgical dentistry, tooth removal, tooth extraction, dental implantation, dental implantation, dental implants
Kardiolitos klinikos Vilnius
2.9 km | Laisvės pr. 64A (Justiniškės), Vilnius
private clinic, private polyclinic, private hospital, private Medicine, Medicine, medical services, medical attention, treatment of diseases, surgeries/surgical procedures, same day surgery, heart surgery, cardiac surgery, joint replacement surgery, endoprosthetics, varicose/enlarged veins, flebectomy, heart bypass surgery/coronary artery bypass graft surgery, valve prosthetic surgery, coronary artery revascularisation surgery, aortic repair surgery, left ventricular reconstructive surgery, surgical closure of ventricular septal defect (VSD), surgical correction of atrial septal defect (ASD), open heart surgery, coronagraphy, probing, stenting, shoulder joint surgery, deformed foot bone surgery, cruciate ligament plastic surgery, lipoma removal/excision, gynecological surgery, ENT surgery, urological surgery, medical consultation, diagnosis of diseases, medical examinations, therapeutic and surgical treatment, laboratory tests, instrumental studies, computed tomography, medical equipment, allergologist, cardiologist, neurologist, ophthalmologist, psychiatrist, pediatrician, abdominal surgeon, obstetrician-gynaecologist, anesthetist-reanimatologist, surgeon, dermatovenereologist, dietitian, echoscopy specialist, endocrinologist, endoscope master, gastroenterologist, infectious disease doctor, clinical physiologist, coloproctologist, vascular surgeon, thoracic surgeon, breast onkochirurgas, nephrologist, neurosurgeon, anesthetist-reanimatologist, otorhinolaryngologist, psychotherapist, pulmonologist, radiologist, rheumatologist, heart surgeon, urologist, internist, pediatrician, cardiologist, laparoscopic surgery, plastic and reconstuctive surgeons, sexologist, polyclinic, hospital, private clinic, medical establishments, medical services, medical establishments, diagnostics, prophylaxis, surgery, consultation, surveys, surgical procedure, physician, specialist, doctor, health insurance funds, compensation from territorial health insurance funds, cardiologist, obstetrician, gynaecologist, gastroenterologist, neurologist, orthopaedist, trauma doctor, cardiac surgery, radiology, psychiatrists, vascular surgery, eye doctor, Laser dermatology, moles removal, removal of capillaries, hair removal, plastic surgery, aesthetic surgery, cardiologists
2.9 km | Laisvės pr. 64A (Justiniškės), Vilnius
family doctors, paediatricians, surveys, family clinic, pediatricians, blood tests, urine tests, psychiatrist, cardiologist, odontologist, dentist's consultation, prosthetic dentistry, dental implantation, dental filling, echoscopy/ultrasound, abdominal echoscopy, thyroid ultrasonography, joint sonography, laboratory tests, General practitioners, issuance of referrals, child vaccination, adult vaccination, nursing services, oral hygiene, teeth whitening, aesthetic filling, gynaecologist, surgeon, obstetrician, gastroenterologist, coloproctology, instrumental studies, diagnostics, private clinic, endocrinologist, cardiac echoscopy, cardiogram
2.7 km | Laisvės pr. 71-45 (Šeškinė), Vilnius
orthodontists, bite correction, straightening of crooked teeth, orthodontic treatment, orthodontist in Vilnius, ontological services, orthodontist, private dental treatment
Šeimos medicinos centras ir odontologinis kabinetas, UAB "Medicinos paslaugų centras"
2.9 km | Rygos g. 17A (Justiniškės), Vilnius
family medical centre, family doctors, echoscopy, gynaecologist, endocrinologist, endocrinologists, optician, opticians, urologist, urologists, neurologists, neurologist, cardiologists, cardiologist, psychiatrists, dentists, rehabilitation
3.9 km | Viršuliškių g. 34 (Viršuliškės), Vilnius
laboratory tests, obstetricians gynaecologists, urologists, neurologists, endocrinologists, orthopedists traumatologists, pediatric pulmonologists
Antėja, Diagnostikos laboratorija, UAB
4.1 km | Viršuliškių g. 65A (Viršuliškės), Vilnius
laboratory of medicine, blood tests, medical consultations, vaccination, diagnostics, medical consultation, vaccination, general blood test, till offices, thyroid hormone tests, tumor markers/cancer markers, B, sex hormones, allergy tests, allergen tests, tick-borne encephalitis, vaccination, genetic testing, cytological studies, microbiological tests, urine tests, tuberculosis research, cholesterol tests, liver tests, setting of paternity, intestinal studies, immunological tests