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Vyturiukas, VšĮ "Reinda"

Akacijų g. 2A, Giraitė, 54310 Kauno r.

(+370) 61200922
Dirbame dabar 9.00-18.00
3 metai veikloje

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(+370) 61200922
Darius Vyturys
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Vyturiukas, VšĮ "Reinda"

Our aim is to grant care and assistance services for a person within his natural habitat in his own home.
Our vision is to provide complete assistance for the elderly, patients and the disabled persons when dealing with domestic issues, strengthening general health and promoting joy and happiness, as well as accepting life as it is.
We are Indre and Darius Vyturiai from Jurbarkas. We have established a small company, named “Vyturiukas” in the year 2013, which provides various adult care services within the territories of Lithuania and Germany. The motto, which best describes our everyday activities is: “Patience and sincerity is the essence of care services .”
Why it is smart to choose us?
For the customers.
We comprehend, that care and assistance is so much more than help only when providing social functions. Care giving for us is a direct communication form between two individuals. It consists of the work experience of our employees, respect, attention and confidentiality, regarding our clients.
For the employees
We are an expanding international enterprise, which rapidly develops the number of its customers in Lithuania as well as in Germany. We are constantly looking for workers who are able to communicate with people of various age range, who have undergone difficult life challenges. Please contact us, if the part of your significant life is to provide help and assistance for strangers.
For the partners.
We strongly believe, that cooperation with other organizations or people, provides us an opportunity to achieve greater goals in the social services field, compared to working alone. Some areas of our present activities were born due to our partners. We are always open for various suggestions and different types of cooperation.

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