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Hirudo horti, MB

L. Giros g. 48 (Fabijoniškės), 06325 Vilnius
(+370) 65606140
Closes 18.00
21 years of activity

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(+370) 65606140
Liutauras Savičius
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MB “HIRUDO HORTI” deals with a breeding of medicinal leeches and sale in Lithuania and abroad. Headquarter of the Company is located in Vilnius (Lithuania). Hirudo, Medicinalis, Hirudo Verbana and Hirudo Orientalis species of leeches are bred in our laboratories. The medicine Company MB “HIRUDO HORTI” is one of the few Companies, which breed medicinal leeches using the most advanced and patented closed-cycle technologies. A computerized control of production processes satisfies all the biological demands of the bred hydrobionts (medicinal leeches) within all the development stages at the most and allows us developing healthy and qualitative medicinal leeches. The highest our priorities are sterility and quality, thus our leeches are kept under very sterile conditions. The technologies in our Company are constantly updated; also our Company cooperates with other Hirudo clinics in Lithuania as well as in other countries of EU. A constant improvement allows us reaching the best results, i.e. developing medicinal leeches meeting the highest clinical standards. Our geography of sales is expanding and currently we cooperate with seven EU countries. We sell medicinal leeches to legal and natural persons in various amounts in both, Lithuania and abroad. We guarantee one of the best prices in the market. Our Company possess all the required permissions for such activity. We are supervised and controlled by the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania as well as State Food and Veterinary Service of the Republic of Lithuania. Leeches are fed with pig’s blood of the highest quality, which correspond to the requirements of the Standards LST EN ISO 9001:2001 and LST EN ISO 14001:2005.

Our vision is to become the Company providing medicinal leeches of the highest quality and a competitive, leading as well as the most valuable Company by customers and partners not only in Lithuania, but in Europe also.

Our mission is to supply sterile and the highest quality products in the market, furthermore, to be responsible, professional and innovative.

Breeding of medicinal leeches. The medicinal leeches supplied by our Company are bred only under laboratory conditions. Such method enables us to control storage conditions, feeding, breeding and quarantining totally. Leeches are fed only with pig’s blood, supplied by a certified Company which follow all the standards for the highest quality. Feeding of leeches depends on a size of a leech itself and other characteristics. Since a leech reaches a weight appropriate for sale, it is quarantined at least 5 months. After quarantine medicinal leeches are ready for use. Leeches are transported in special containers, which ensure ‘a freshness’ of a product.


Natural medicine
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