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Aga, Švenčionių filialas, UAB

Liepų al. 2E, Cirkliškis, 18121 Švenčionių r.
(+370) 38769256
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(+370) 38769256

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Cordent, UAB
57.3 km | Taikos pr. 10, Visaginas
53.7 km | Kęstučio g. 4, Utenos Optika patalpose, Utena
hearing aids, blood pressure measuring devices, nursing measures, compensation technique, medical mattresses, medical, dental, surgical tools, materials, medical gowns/scrubs, clothes, sticks, crutches, orthopaedic equipment, various supports
Sporteka, UAB
62.8 km | Dalios g. 8, Vilnius
medical equipment, rent of medical equipment, electrodes, electrotherapy, magnet therapy, physiotherapy, scientific surveys, spirometers, ultrasound therapy
Medicinos diagnostikos ir gydymo centras
69.6 km | V. Grybo g. 32 (Antakalnis), Vilnius
private clinic,private Medicine,private doctor,family medical centre,Medicine,medical services,medical examinations,medical attention,treatment of diseases,doctor consultations,diagnosis of diseases,medical examinations,health assessment,clinical trials,private hospital,therapeutic and surgical treatment,laboratory tests,instrumental studies,computed tomography,magnetic resonance,rehabilitation,physiotherapy,physiotherapy,rent of medical equipment,allergologist,cardiologist,neurologist,ophthalmologist,psychiatrist,pediatrician,abdominal surgeon,obstetrician gynaecologist,arthroscopy, a clinical immunologist,anesthetist-reanimatologist,surgeon,surgical oncologist,dermatovenereologist,echoscopy specialist,endocrinologist,endoscope master,physiatrist/physical medicine and rehabilitation physician,physiotherapist,gastroenterologist,paediatric gastroenterologist,hematologist,homeopath,infectious disease doctor,clinical physiologist,coloproctologist,vascular surgeon,laser vascular treatment,leg venous surgery,thoracic surgeon,breast onkochirurgas,nephrologist,neurosurgeon,Oncology,oncologist CHEMOTHERAPIST,oncologist RADIOTHERAPIST,anesthetist-reanimatologist,endoprosthetic surgeon, otorhinolaryngologist,pathologist,psychotherapist,pulmonologist,radiologist,reflex therapeutist,rheumatologist,transfuziologist,urologist,internist,family doctors,paraffin application,laparoscopic surgery,plastic and reconstuctive surgeons,hand surgeon,medical biologists,laboratory doctors,maternity School,physician,family medical centre,private doctor,surveys,neurologist,endocrinologist,surgery,eye clinic,urologist,gynaecologist,orthopedics,clinic,children's surgeon,children's endocrinologist,pediatric cardiologist,neurologist,children's ophthalmologist,pediatric eye doctor,pediatric orthopaedist traumatologist,child psychiatrist,pediatric pulmonologist,children's urologist,pediatrician,Holter monitoring,electrocardiography/ECG,cardioechoscopy,moles removal,Mesotherapy,treatment of urinary incontinence,orthopedics,traumatology,endoprosthetics
Skirgesa, Vilniaus filialas, UAB
69.3 km | Kareivių g. 19 (Žirmūnai), Vilnius
Kodmeda, UAB
69.6 km | Kareivių g. 11 (Žirmūnai), Vilnius
X-ray diagnostic system; digital detectors; X-ray machines; laser printers; diagnostic Monitor; Monitor operational; ray tape; film processors; safeguard measures; dosimeters; negatoscopes; mammograph; DICOM; PACS; teleradiology; radiology; radiological diagnostics; computed radiography system; digital detector; X-ray system/X-ray apparatus; C-arm; laser imager/laser printing system; diagnostic display; medical display; surgical monitoring display; X-ray film digitization; film processor; dosimeter; dentistry; negatoscope; mammography system; veterinary; X-ray table
Grikė, UAB "Metras"
69.2 km | Žirmūnų g. 143 (Žirmūnai), Vilnius
Medical anti-decubitus mattresses
Anti-decubitus products
Natural buckwheat hull pillows and mattresses
Buckwheat hull breastfeeding and sleeping pillows
Pillows for yoga
GRIKĖ MED+ products are designed for the prevention and treatment of bedsores. The company has developed unique mattresses and anti-decubitus products with innovative designs made of 100% cotton and buckwheat hulls.
Beinitas, filialas, UAB
70.3 km | J. Kubiliaus g. 1 (Žirmūnai), Vilnius
disposable towels, SPA, autoclave, professional cosmetics, depilation, cosmetic equipment, disinfection, measures of disinfection, sterilization, sterilization measures, towels, goods for dentists, disposable towels, ultrasound baths, disposable gloves, ultrasound
Inoveca Medtechna, UAB
70.2 km | Verkių g. 29, 3 korp., II a. (Žirmūnai), Vilnius
Dental equipment, dental units, visiograph, dental units, dental equipment, dental, dental X-ray units, panoramic X-ray units, 3D X-ray devices, implantology, surgical, disinfection, washing, ultrasonic baths, microscopes, sterilizators, ultrasonic devices, APEX locators, ultrasonic scalers, dental instruments, dental materials, dental materials, dental materials, fillings, dental restorative materials, radiation protection, disposable supplies, ozone device, heads, turbines, sterilisation strips, disposable gloves, masks, HELIO lamps, soda machines, film processing devices, protective aprons, dental supplies, oil-free compressors, pumps, saliva suction systems, saddle chairs, CHIRANA, SMILE, MORITA, PRESTIGE MEDICAL, ANTHOS, STERN WEBER, CEFLA, APOZA, SALLI, SWIDENT, AMDENT, REVERBERI, EKOM, MYRAY, HAMAMATSU, SPOFADENTAL, KERR, BMT
69.9 km | Kalvarijų g. 143-115 (Žirmūnai), Vilnius
dental materials, composites, cement, endodontics, instruments, gloves, surgery, desinfectants, dental technical equipment
Soveta Baltica, UAB
70.6 km | Kalvarijų g. 125, 1 korp. (Žirmūnai), Vilnius
intravenous drips
Klausos technika, Vilniaus filialas, UAB
70.1 km | J. Balčikonio g. 3 (Verkiai), Vilnius
hearing aids, consulting
Ortopedijos centras, UAB
71.6 km | Kalvarijų g. 62 (Šnipiškės), Vilnius
orthopedics, orthopedic center, compression stockings, insoles, shoe inserts, individual insoles, orthopedic inserts, prostheses, after fracture, trauma, the first aid, flat feet, scleral therapy, venous diseases, rehabilitation, balls, crutches, walkers, advancement of toilet, manufacturing, trauma doctor, angiosurgeon, headscarf, procedures, orthoses, ankle brace, knee brace, wrist splint, back brace/back support, spinal brace, backache/back pain, neck brace, belt during pregnancy, orthopedic footwear, orthopaedic footwear for kids, sports socks, compression therapy, carpet, weights, arthritis, belt, pantyhose, compression tights, bindings, after trauma/injury, rent of neįgaliųjų, trainer, support, massager, massager for back, yoga carpet, weights, tape, tapes, elbow crutch, walker, toilet chair, procedures, reclinator, orthopaedic technical products, posture corrector, leg venous surgery, physiotherapy, orthopedic inserts, backache/back pain
72.3 km | 01102 Vilnius
ozone therapy, ozone, ozone, for diseases, ozone therapy, ozonator/ozone generator, ozonators/ozone generators, domestic ozone generator, Medozonas, NEOZON, medical ozone generators, supply of ozonized oil, OZONID, ozonide, cream, good face cream, face cream, paradontosis, trade of ozone generators, ozonated water, water, ozonated, medicine, health, medical ozone therapy, effective, effective treatment, viruses, blood, hemotherapy, bacteria, fungal infections, enema, procedures, ozone procedures, gastritis, gastroenterologist, neurologist, detoxification/detox, DETOX, detoxification, solution, dermatologist, pain, surveys, beauty, cellulitis, lymphatic drainage, therapy, health improvement, radiculitis, foot massage, intravenous drip, pus, abscesses, antibiotics, headaches, headache, migraine, blood flow, blood vessels, vascular, Improving blood flow, ulcers, ulcer, treatment for ulcers, trophic ulcer, wound care/wound treatment, diabetic foot, diabetic foot treatment, cellulite treatment, integrated/integrative, integrated treatment/integrative treatment, legs, having a leg pain, having a pain, spots, acne/pimple treatment, special offer, rejuvenation, skin rejuvenation, smoking, overweight, programme, treatment, treatment programme, individual, of Medicine, high-quality service, sickness, disease, techniques/methods, latest, latest methods, consult, consultations, physician, specialist, specialists, specialist consultations, family doctor, pain specialist, diagnostics, allergy, asthma, allergy diagnostics, state-of-the-art allergy diagnosis, grippe, state-of-the-art diagnostics, computerized diagnostics, medical centre, ozone therapy clinic, pacient
Astravita, UAB
71.6 km | Žalgirio g. 88A (Šnipiškės), Vilnius
medical goods, for dentists, for dental technicians, leasing, for orthodontics, for implantologists, for endodontists, clothing for spa centers, medical clothing, working wear, footwear, clothing for medics, medical clothing, stylish clothing, clothing for beauty salons, seminars, trainings, Courses, dental technical equipment, wax knives, ceramic furnace, articulators, equipment, repairs, 3medical furniture, sterilization equipment, medical equipment, a technical maintanance, dental units, dental equipment, dental X-ray units, Dental equipment, medical equipment, sterilizators, dental equipment, dental handpieces, scalers, polymerization lamps, soda blasting, intraoral cameras, APEX locators, compressors, vacuum pumps, turbine nozzles, corner nozzles, HELIO lamps, of a polymerization, soda machines, soda sprayer, sand blasting, compressors, pumps, suction systems, parallel meters, 3D, implantology device, surgical apparatus, microscopes, microscope, autoclaves, whitening lamps, oil-free compressors, saddle chairs, dental chairs, heads, micro engines, HELIO lamps, Souvenirs, souvenir, sunglasses, wholesale, retail trade, desinfectants, disposable supplies, gloves, masks, sterilization bags, sterilisation strips, X-ray, of disinfection, dental laboratory equipment, materials for dental prosthetics, metal ceramic, metal-free ceramics, zirconium oxide, ultrasound baths, ulstrasound, orthodontic braces, orthodontic pliers, orthodontic materials, bone substitutes, dental implants, dental implantology, implantation, dental instruments, instruments for endodontic treatment, fillings, impression masses, silicones, alginating masses, face bows, dental materials, dental materials, dental supplies, surgical materials/surgical supplies, teeth whitening, toothpaste, diamond, hard metal burs, drills, mill, endodontic files, gutta-percha, paper pins, matrixes, cements, at light, chemically curing composite, whitening, polishing, binding, desensitizing, BOND, MICERIUM, WALSER, DMG, ARKONA, ACURATA, DLS, DENTAL LIFE SCENCIES, CERKAMED, ANGER, OSSTEM, ELDAN, PASTELLI, ZIRC, ROEDER, FALCON, TOPDENTAL, ESENTIAL DENTAL SYSTEM, EDS, DAB DENTAL, SIROWA, PLANDENT, REMA, ANALIZĖ, CESSIO, VDW, KAVO DENTAL, HERAEUS, KERR, 3M, COLTENE, DÜRR, DURR, DENTAL, MEISINGER, KENDA, NTI, EDENTA, MANI, ULTRADENT, VOCO, POLINTECH, SIRONA, VITA, DENTAURUM, LASCOD, KODAK, AGFA, WATERPIK, RENFERT, AMANNGIRRBACH, BELMONT, KODAK, W&H, CATTANI, ZEISS, EMS, BIEN AIR, 3M, CHIRANA, MORITA, APOZA, SALLI, EKOM, KERR, JOKER, COOL, METASYS, CEREC, CAD/CAM, CAD, CAM, VANINI, RONDONI, GC
73.2 km | Pylimo g. 10 (Senamiestis), Vilnius
hearing aids, blood pressure measuring devices, nursing measures, compensation technique, medical mattresses, medical, dental, surgical tools, materials, medical gowns/scrubs, clothes, sticks, crutches, orthopaedic equipment, various supports