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GP klinika

L. Zamenhofo g. 7 (Centras), 44287 Kaunas
 (+370) 37224158
(+370) 65682505
(00370) 37750936
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I-V 9.00-18.00
Gintaras Papečkys

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GP klinika

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Surgeon G. Papečkys started his private medical practice in 1988. In 1981 he was a first-class graduate from the Medical Care Department at Kaunas University of Medicine. G. Papečkys was working in the Surgery Clinics of one of the largest institutions of medical care in Lithuania - Kaunas Academical Clinics - for thirteen years. During his medical practice at Kaunas Academical Clinics G. Papečkys was also giving consultations and working as a surgeon in " Kaunas Medical Center ", the first private clinics in Kaunas. In 2001, Dr. G. Papečkys established his own surgery clinics - "GP KLINIKA". Today the clinics provide patients with a great variety of surgery services. Dr. G. Papečkys has experience of more than 25 years, from which 15 years in the field of plastic-aesthetic surgery. The surgeon has made more than 5000 plastic-aesthetic operations. He is specializing mainly in plastic-aesthetic surgery. Dr. G. Papečkys is a member of Plastic-Reconstructing Surgery Association of Lithuania, also a member of International Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Association.